Good Morning, Glory!

Morning glory!  When I was growing up this is what my dad would say every morning that he woke me up.  At the time I saw nothing glorious about it...things have changed.  Now I see Morning Glory! as beginning the day as a celebration and all the glorious things it has to offer. I urge everyone to visit Morning Glory Farms!  It's amenities ensure that your special day will be nothing short of glorious.  I was so impressed by all that Morning Glory offers on my first visit that I cannot stop talking about it.  An onsite tent, beautiful pond as a ceremony backdrop, barns, blooming flowers...even a horse and buggy and classic Mustang - how can you resist?!?

The pictures below showcase some of the charm and beauty that is Morning Glory Farms.  Thank you Mallory Dawn Photography for letting me snag a few of your glorious (get it? ;)) shots around the venue.  I hope everyone will go check Morning Glory out firsthand, I guarantee you will be as in awe as I was.

Have a great Sunday people! :)