Finally! :)


Welcome to Southern Savvy Events! I am SO SO SO excited to be sharing my website and blog with you fabulous people! Since this is the first blog post and my website has just launched, let me use this post as a way to introduce myself. Hi! I'm Lauren Pressley, I have lived in North Carolina my entire life; taking a few years to enjoy the beach in Wilmington, I have lived in Charlotte for the better part of my life. I am an only child, and I believe that plays a major part in my love of planning events...I started planning parties/trips/etc. for my family and friends back in middle school because I've always liked having a plan...I credit that to inviting friends over when I was a kid and planning things of us to do, it seemed to carry over into my adult life. I've spent my fair share of time in college..I've always known event planning was my passion, but I had no clue at 18 that I could actually go to school for it. Fast forward a few years of college, a year selling insurance, and I realized Johnson & Wales had a program for exactly what I wanted to do *jackpot*, and that leads to where we are now. Between my degree in Hospitality (Hotel Management with a Sales, Meetings and Events concentration) and working in different parts of the event planning industry over the past three years I am so pleased to finally introduce Southern Savvy to you!


I love animals. Once every few months I feel the need to adopt a shelter dog. Over the past 2 or so years I have adopted 4 shelter dogs, Duke, Daisy, Delilah, and Sam. In addition to my little monkey boy Maltipoo, Dolce.  monkey boy!Unfortunately, I do not have 5 acres or live on a farm so there is no space for me to bring all of my furry friends, so to my parent's delight (or dismay) they get to harbor my saved babies! My love isn't specifically aimed towards dogs, I have constant bouts with eating meat (I feel quite certain this will not be the only mention of this in my blog). I read the book "Skinny Bitch" about 4 years ago (if you want to continue eating meat I don't suggest this read) and then went to a school that requires food service classes, let's just say that movie day doesn't consist of Disney anymore ;) of today, right this minute, I haven't had meat in 3 days. Talk to me tomorrow and I may have had a turkey sandwich (it's a battle I tell ya!).

My favorite color is green. I have never lived more than 45 minutes from a body of water, and never will...I should've been born with a fin or mermaid tail. I am obsessed with heels. You may never see me without my pearls. I love a glass of prosecco (or 3!). I have a new obsession with baking cupcakes from scratch...but I definitely will not becoming a baker!

cupcake <3

Live, Laugh, Love :)

SavvyLauren Pressley