Wedding Planning & Design

Southern Savvy’s Wedding Planning & Design process is simplified, and highly effective.  

Step one, get to know you and your fiancé on a personal level.  Collaboration is key and to ensure your wedding is 100% customized and personal, to both your individual styles and who you are as a couple, great importance is placed on building a strong relationship with you. 

Step two, utilize proven systems and processes.  The same workflow goes into each wedding and event, ensuring a seamless transition through the Design (including your aesthetic and budget), Event Production, and Event Management phases.  Approaching your planning in a three phase process provides benchmarks for you and an orderly workflow for me.  Win, win.  

Not only do I love designing an event that speaks to the heart of my couples, but logistics are my jam.  Event design + logistics are not mutually exclusive - in fact, these pieces constantly merge and I ensure success on both fronts by keeping logistics front of mind during the Design phase.

As the Planning & Design process is very involved, I work with a limited number of clients each year.


Corporate Events

Whether you are a local start up looking for assistance with a team building experience, a Fortune 500 planning a destination meeting, or a player in the Big Four and need event planning assistance for an upcoming conference, Southern Savvy has you covered.  

Once we begin working together the first step is to specify your objectives and goals for the event.  Raising money for your non-profit?  Perhaps your company has a new product release? After I have a clear picture of your end game, I will utilize my experience, creativity, and connections to execute a streamlined planning process, resulting in a successful event.

Your time is important, as is the time of your attendees.  Keeping that front of mind, we strive to create events that are engaging, unique, and purposeful. 


Destination Wedding Planning & Design

Have passport, will travel.  We have resources and connections in numerous locales, allowing us to provide you with a stress-free destination wedding planning experience.  Whether you envision white sandy beaches in the Caribbean, a wooded forest in the Pacific NW, or a historic castle in Europe as the backdrop to your wedding day we are ready to take that vision and run with it.  We have several pre-selected destination locations, along with vetted creatives, if you need direction.  If you're worried a destination wedding won't feel personalized, you've come to the right place.  The same three phase process utilized for Wedding Planning & Design is carried over to destination weddings, placing emphasis on getting to know you and your fiancé personally, so that your design is customized with you both in mind.