Holly & Doug

It's been a busy few weeks here at SSE...Lauren and Adam's wedding went off without a hitch last weekend!  The following day I heard from Holly's mom, Cynthia.  We met previously at a bridal show, but after seeing how relaxed and how much fun Lauren's parents got to have at their daughter's wedding she realized she was ready to pass on the leadership role.  And so SSE has been brought on to plan Holly and Doug's July wedding! So, I have not actually met Holly or Doug in person yet but they have a really great story.  Holly works at the National Museum of Natural History in the paleobiology department digitizing marine mammal fossils (I know, I know - what a cool job!!) and Doug is living in Holly's hometown of Wadesboro, teaching at the high school she attended.  The two met when Doug moved to the area and over time their relationship began...the ironic part, Doug is from Michigan and came to NC for work, after the two had been dating for a while Holly was accepted to The University of Michigan - and so began their long distance relationship!  Thanks to all the traveling the two have done the theme is "Holly and Doug's Big Adventure", pulling in colors and details from the map, as well as a menu of food from different cultures.  I really get the coolest couples!  So excited to see all the details come together!

Thank you so much Grain & Compass for sharing Holly and Doug's E Session!