Say Yes to the Dress

So you're engaged, you've got the venue, and making progress checking off one task after the other....then comes the excitement of the dress! When shopping for your dress you need to be prepared.  First of all, make sure you've set a date and have a venue.  If you haven't set the date there is no way to guarantee it will be shipped and altered in time (unless you buy off the rack).  The venue you chose will really play a part in what type of dress you are looking for.  This always makes me think of Carrie and her vintage white dress suit vs the Vivienne Westwood in the Sex and the City movie.  Both dresses are gorgeous, but its a great example of needing your dress to "suit" your venue!










Do your homework!  Come into the bridal boutique prepared, if you know the difference between silhouettes, materials, textures, and a know a few designers names you will have a leg up.  This will make finding a dress for you less challenging for your consultant at the boutique.  Start checking out websites like to begin viewing dresses.

Do not, I repeat, do not worry about what size the dress is.  Wedding gowns tend to run smaller than your day to day clothes.  By all means, don't buy with the intention of losing weight.  The last thing you want to be thinking about on your big day is whether or not your dress will zip.  It is so much easier to take a dress in than let it out!  Concentrate on how it fits, not the size.

Ladies, always make an appointment at your bridal boutiques.  This will ensure that you get one on one attention, and that you don't waste your day jumping from boutique from boutique.  Give each shop the time and attention it deserves!  : )

Last but certainly not least, be selective about who goes on your big shopping day with you.  Have you ever watched an episode of "Say Yes to the Dress" and they had the entire bridal party, parents, siblings, etc.?  When you have that many opinions it will be very difficult to find a dress everyone agrees on, not to mention the one you love.  To make sure your voice is heard, and you get the dress of your dreams...always bring your mom (or whoever will be paying for your dress), maid of honor or another close friend/sister who knows your style and who's judgement you trust.  Having 2-3 people with you to voice their thoughts should definitely give you good feedback!

Now start checking out dresses, make some appointments, and have funnnnn!


A few Southern Savvy brides in their perfect dresses!

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