Your John Hancock Please

Normally I try to keep my posts fun and pretty lighthearted, but I've noticed a recurring pattern over the past few months that I thought could be helpful to other brides if addressed.  Contracts.  I understand how the unexpected can happen, goodness I've seen more of it over the past 3 months than I have since I've been in this industry...but we have to expect the unexpected. Not everyone has a wedding planner, and if you do they aren't always present for every contract that you sign.  Please, please be aware of everything you talk about during meetings.  Anything that is or seems important, any possible changes to staff, venue, etc., any promises for something to be borrowed, anything that you expect from that vendor that is not already written on the contract MUST be noted on said contract.  This will protect everyone - the client, vendor, and any third parties involved.

Never feel bad to ask for something in writing.  It is your big day after all, you deserve to have it match your expectations!  :)

Had to include a sneak peek of Kristin & Joel's big day {Sassyfras Studios}

Savvy, StyleLauren Pressley