Dazzling Blue

In 2000 it was Cerulean Blue, 2004 Iris Lily came out on top, 2009 Mimosa was the frontrunner, last year it was Emerald (my personal favorite)...and the Pantone color of the year for 2014 has just been announced as Dazzling Blue.This is definitely a color I can get behind with it's strong hue having the ability to be worn as a statement piece, or can easily be worn with pastels to help add a little depth to an outfit.  From a decor standpoint, the options are endless!  I cannot wait to see how brides pull this color into their florals, accessories (something blue!) and the details to their wedding design.

dazzling blue flowers pantone flowers pantone 2014 dazzling-blue

Pantone's top 10 colors for 2014 offer both strong and muted pieces, all of which compliment one another if used as accent pieces. 1 - Dazzling Blue 2 - Violet Tulip 3 - Radiant Orchid 4 - Celosia Orange 5 - Freesia 6 - Cayenne 7 - Placid Blue 8 - Paloma 9 - Sand 10 - Hemlock

Savvy, StyleLauren Pressley