Cheers to 3 years! {Personal Post}

RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8959 copy September is always a big month around here - fall wedding season kicks in, football season is in full swing, Octoberfest & Pumpkin beer make their debuts (!) and it's Southern Savvy's anniversary!  This September marked our 3 year anniversary and what a great few years it's been!

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I can't say that it's been constant sunshine and rainbows, because believe me, it has not.  Some days, weeks, even months have been REALLY difficult - but it just makes the good so much better.  In addition to those tough days, there have been some really GREAT ones!  In the past 6 months, we've been featured in print twice - Inspire Weddings & Marriage Magazine (10 page spread!) and Carolina Bride!  I've been so fortunate to work with some of the sweetest couples and now, call them friends.  In addition to the brides, its been so fun building relationships with fellow vendors.  It's really nice to have someone to share ideas, struggles and success with!

In personal news, I've only adopted 1 additional dog since starting this adventure, sweet little guy had mange and I am happy to report he is now family and friends are quite proud that's been the only new family member.  About a year ago Sally the Schwinn entered my life, had no idea how much I was missing out on before the beach cruiser!  I've been training for the Thunder Road half marathon, but after a silly wake boarding accident, my knee can't take the only cardio until early November is swimming.  Such a bummer since my schedule normally ties me up on race days, but looking on the bright side that I have approval to swim and there will always be more races.  I'm in the middle of another rather large diy project (for anyone who remembers my desk revamp) - once it's completed there will be a post about it.  Old Mecklenburg Brewery has opened at their new location, I NEED a wedding there, it is amazing - you'll notice craft beer in 60% of the images in this post - I'm your girl.IMG_4365


Thank you so much to all the fantastic brides and wonderful vendors we work with weekend in and weekend out, you all are why working weekends never gets old.  Southern Savvy has come a long way from where it started and we're still on the way to where we're going!  Stay tuned, it's going to be a big year!

Check out a few of my favorite moments over the past 3 years - both weddings & personal, lots of fun!






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