DIY - Mercury Glass

I love mercury glass.  Love it.  So when I moved a few weeks ago I knew I wanted to redo my bathroom and get some mercury glass pieces.  After visiting the dangerous (for my wallet) West Elm and stocking up on some odds and ends, including my mercury glass pieces, I realized that I wanted more mercury but I couldn't find what I wanted.  I decided to visit Pinterest and get some ideas for how to just make my own mercury glass.  What you need:

Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint

Vinegar/Water mixture in a spray bottle (equal parts)

Paper towels


Glass pieces

I picked up a glass hurricane, shallow glass bowl, and 4 glass tealight holders.  Start out by spraying the inside of the piece with the Looking Glass Spray Paint, about 4-5 coats-but be careful, it's very runny.  I let mine dry for about 5-10 minutes per piece.  Once dry spray it with the vinegar water and let sit for another 5-10 minutes. 

After letting it sit with the vinegar water solution, I took my paper towel and sponge (cut in half) and sprayed them with the vinegar water.  Once damp I blotted the inside of the piece, depending on how large distressed you want it to look is really how hard you should press.  Since I wanted mine to be very distressed and antiqued looking, I found that actually spinning the sponge gave me the results I wanted.  Once I was happy with the distressing I lightly sprayed the Looking Glass Spray Paint one more time, just so it wouldn't be completely clear in some spots.

The finished products!