Can you believe that tomorrow is the first day of 2016?  I feel like I blinked and the year flew by.  This year has been such a great one I wanted to look back and share some of my favorite moments.

Southern Savvy's rebrand and updated website went live!  You really don't realize how important an arrow here or a scroll bar there is until you're in the thick of brand development.  Whew.  I can't thank Elisabeth Rose enough for putting up with me and  bringing all of our brainstorming and ideas to reality.

Back in January I started fostering Cooper, an Australian Shepherd/Husky mix who's shelter picture both broke and stole my heart at the same time.  It was quickly apparent that he had found his forever home...making me a foster fail and Ryan a dog dad.  Mr Coop and D dog have become the best of friends, and that speaks volumes for what a sweet boy he is (D has become a bit of a grumpy old man).

The brides we have worked with this year, and are still working with for '16 weddings have been extraordinary.  Some of the lovely ladies and couples we have had the opportunity to get to know over the past year have become great friends.  I really love it when I get to meet a new couple and learn just how much we have in common.  This business has brought so many great people into my life and I am so grateful for that.

I can't wait to see what is yet to come in the new year.  Cheers to 2016!

"We've decided not to hire a wedding planner"

The beginning of each year is full of fielding inquiries from brides high on the excitement of their new holiday engagement. It is truly one of my favorite parts of this job.  I love, love, love initial consultations - meeting brides and getting to hear about their vision while plans are still being formed is such a treat.  Helping a bride dream up her details is incredibly fun and seeing her face at the finished product 8, 12, 16 months later makes me as happy as if it were my own wedding.

Along with all the excitement of adding brides to the Southern Savvy Events family comes the occasional "we've decided not to hire a wedding planner".  I would be lying if I didn't tell you it's a disappointment when they decide to go that route, but the strongest emotion I feel is nerves.  I feel nervous for couples who forgo a planner or coordinator.  To put it in perspective, you've invested thousands and thousands of dollars, as well as putting in hours upon hours of your precious time (time that you can't get back).  Y'all, I do this full time - I know how much time you're spending to make your wedding perfect.  Do you want to leave the finished product of all your time and efforts in the hands of your great Aunt or friend from college who happens to be in town for the wedding?  The answer - NO.  You want someone who knows your vendors, knows the venue and best of all has been involved in your planning, knows the details and can answer vendors' questions before they're even asked.  Over the past 6 months I have heard multiple people tell me how unhappy they were with the execution of their wedding day, either due to lack of a planner/coordinator or lack of an experienced planner/coordinator and honestly, it makes me so incredibly sad for them.  This is the biggest day of your life - the beginning of you and your husband's adventure, the last thing you want to do is look back with anything but positive, joyful thoughts.

A common restriction is budget.  If you are reading this in the beginning of your planning, build planning or coordination into your budget.  You will never regret it.  If you've booked vendors already and have a limited amount of budget left, talk to a planner about payment options.  As a planner we are here to make your day/planning experience nothing short of enjoyable and stress free, if working out a payment plan makes that a reality most of us are willing and happy to do that!

Another restriction is simply worry that a planner will take over and you will lose creative control.  This will NEVER happen.  We want to bring YOUR dream to life.  The only time you'll hear a suggestion that may not be exactly what you were thinking would be to make sure logistics are effective.  Again, we're here to make your day perfect you will never hear a suggestion that is not to serve that purpose.

Family members who offer to help mean well.  What often goes unrecognized until shortly before wedding day, is they are needed elsewhere getting ready or having photos taken and will not be available to deliver decor/make sure the venue is set up/etc.  These are the people who love you and your fiancé so much that they are willing to work on a day that they should be relaxing with you all and spending time with family they may not see often.  Since you don't want to hurt their feelings, telling them you don't need their help can be tough, but when you explain that you'd rather them spend this momentous day with you and ensure they are present for all photos, they often realize that there is nothing else in the world they should be doing on wedding day than celebrating and spending time with close family and friends.

Planning services vary and with a little research you will find the right fit for you.  If you still feel a pang of doubt, talk to your vendors!  Your vendors are your wedding dream team and they want nothing more than for you to have a successful event - they will give you thoughts, opinions and best of all, referrals.

Happy Planning!

Photo credit - Smitten & Hooked, Rachel Red Photography, Lauren Friday Photography

Catching Up

Can you guys believe Christmas is next week?!  Next week!  So far I've watched Christmas Vacation twice - and sure to get another two viewings in (I think we can all agree there is nothing better than Clark Griswold!).purchased the most adorable new stockings on Etsy this year...faux fur & plaid, every time I see them my heart does a happy dance.set aside some time to decorate the tree - my grandparent's vintage ornaments (again, the heart does a happy dance).visited Christmas at the Billy Graham Library and now looking forward to spending time with family and friends over the next week! Since mid September we've had 11 weddings & events, just wrapping up our 2014 wedding season with Jordan & Colt's stunning wedding over the weekend on 12.13.14 - so the blog hasn't seen much love.  Bear with me, over the next few weeks we're going to work on updating and sharing video and photos from all the gorgeous weddings and events Southern Savvy was fortunate enough to be a part of in the past few months...and there are some stunners.  In the meantime, here are a few snippets that haven't seen the blog yet!

Oh!  One last thing, so excited to say SSE received Best of Weddings with The Knot on our first year with them!  Cheers!

Cheers to 3 years! {Personal Post}

RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8959 copy September is always a big month around here - fall wedding season kicks in, football season is in full swing, Octoberfest & Pumpkin beer make their debuts (!) and it's Southern Savvy's anniversary!  This September marked our 3 year anniversary and what a great few years it's been!

View More: http://kaseyloftin.pass.us/laurenadam

kris and joel

I can't say that it's been constant sunshine and rainbows, because believe me, it has not.  Some days, weeks, even months have been REALLY difficult - but it just makes the good so much better.  In addition to those tough days, there have been some really GREAT ones!  In the past 6 months, we've been featured in print twice - Inspire Weddings & Marriage Magazine (10 page spread!) and Carolina Bride!  I've been so fortunate to work with some of the sweetest couples and now, call them friends.  In addition to the brides, its been so fun building relationships with fellow vendors.  It's really nice to have someone to share ideas, struggles and success with!

In personal news, I've only adopted 1 additional dog since starting this adventure, sweet little guy had mange and I am happy to report he is now 100%...my family and friends are quite proud that's been the only new family member.  About a year ago Sally the Schwinn entered my life, had no idea how much I was missing out on before the beach cruiser!  I've been training for the Thunder Road half marathon, but after a silly wake boarding accident, my knee can't take the abuse...my only cardio until early November is swimming.  Such a bummer since my schedule normally ties me up on race days, but looking on the bright side that I have approval to swim and there will always be more races.  I'm in the middle of another rather large diy project (for anyone who remembers my desk revamp) - once it's completed there will be a post about it.  Old Mecklenburg Brewery has opened at their new location, I NEED a wedding there, it is amazing - you'll notice craft beer in 60% of the images in this post - I'm your girl.IMG_4365


Thank you so much to all the fantastic brides and wonderful vendors we work with weekend in and weekend out, you all are why working weekends never gets old.  Southern Savvy has come a long way from where it started and we're still on the way to where we're going!  Stay tuned, it's going to be a big year!

Check out a few of my favorite moments over the past 3 years - both weddings & personal, lots of fun!






View More: http://kaseyloftin.pass.us/laurenadam



rwgphoto_crystal_zach_engagement_favorites (12 of 33)

2014-01-07_0018RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8827 copykatrinaandsteven|smitten&hooked|details-005


RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8719 copy

Photos compliments of the trusty iPhone, Rachel Red, Susan Kelly, Kasey Loftin, Red White & Green, Lauren Friday, Grain & Compass, Smitten & Hooked & Sassyfrass


Katrina & Steven


Katrina & Steven's Memorial Day weekend wedding at the Big Chill was full of family, friends, love for each other and everyone present.  I loved that their big day had a very intimate feel, with less than 100 guests and wedding events all weekend, they really got to make the most of spending time with those they don't get to see often.  Thank you so much for these stunning images, Smitten & Hooked!


Photography:  Smitten & Hooked

Venue/Catering:  Big Chill

Florals:  Lily Greenthumbs

DJ:  DJ Bob

Baker:  Abigail's - A Cake Affair

Hair & Makeup:  Who's The Fairest

Rentals:  Upstate Event Services

Officiant:  Rebecca Nagy















Eye Candy

When Rachel with Rachel Red Photography suggested we do a style shoot it took a bit of bouncing themes/ideas around...and then, Kate Spade came up.  The fantastic thing about Kate Spade is that the brand just screams HAPPY and FUN!  And happy and fun is exactly what planning and executing this shoot was - even topped of with prosecco.  Cheers! Being featured in Inspire Weddings & Marriage was definitely on my business bucket list and I am so thankful that we got the opportunity to do this shoot.  Check out the images below and indulge in some eye candy!

In the words of Kate Spade "Live Colorfully"!


Photography: Rachel Red Photography

Florals: Lily Greenthumbs

Venue: Hayden Olivia

Dress: Hayden Olivia

Stylist: Who's The Fairest

Baker: Sky's the Limit Custom Cakes and More

Stationary: Elisabeth Rose

Kettlecorn: Vinkster's Gourmet Kettle Corn

Candy:  Candygirl Confections

Rentals:  Party Time Rentals

China & Flatware:  Kate Spade by Belk

RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8972 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8699 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8628 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8538 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade9188 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8827 copyRachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8751 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8740 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8765 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8719 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8761 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8836 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8824 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8959 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8957 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8952 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8944 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade9006 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade9150 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade9226 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade9204 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade9161 copy RachelRedPhotographyKateSpade8530 copy

Crystal & Zach

These two are such wonderful people and I am so excited to share a few images from their engagement session with Red, White & Green Photography.  If you're on my blog you know what a dog lover I am...I think dog people are just drawn to one another, these guys have a soft spot for dogs as well and foster when their schedule permits - talk about a match made in heaven.  It's been such fun working with Crystal and Zach planning out the details for their October wedding at the Mint Museum - this is going to be a gorgeous one and not just because of the gorgeous couple...did someone mention sequins & gold?! rwgphoto_crystal_zach_engagement_favorites (17 of 33) rwgphoto_crystal_zach_engagement_favorites (11 of 33) rwgphoto_crystal_zach_engagement_favorites (9 of 33) rwgphoto_crystal_zach_engagement_favorites (5 of 33) rwgphoto_crystal_zach_engagement_favorites (2 of 33)

Michelle & Jeremy

Wedding season is off to a great, but very busy start!  So busy I haven't had a chance to sit down and share Michelle & Jeremy's engagement session yet.  These two are so much fun, every time I see Michelle she gives me something to laugh about.  My favorite thing about this session, a few weeks prior Michelle mentioned that they might need some help feeling comfortable in front of the camera...the first thing Kasey Loftin told me after their session was "I hope you're ready to party, Irish Coffee 7 am on a Saturday lol!".  These two are naturals in front of the camera and Kasey couldn't have captured them any better.  Can't wait until their big day this September!  Cheers to Michelle & Jeremy!

Tuesday Tips::Don't forget your health!

Happy Tuesday!  Today's tip is based around healthy living and comes from blogger Ashley, with Lipstick and Berries!  Even if you're not getting ready for wedding day, these are great tips to kick off the spring season and feel healthy!

You want to look and feel your best on your wedding day!  
There are many things to take care of before your wedding, but remember to take time for yourself in the process!  Let the process be as special as the wedding day.  Make time for a healthy diet, exercise, and routine skincare.  These all will ensure you look gorgeous on your special day!  
An essential part of looking your best is to start from the inside out!  Fuel your body and soul with healthy, nurturing foods.  Diet plays an important role in giving your skin a radiant glow!   Your skin reflects what’s going on inside. If you have a healthy diet, your skin will radiate that. 
1.  Eat the Rainbow!!
A good way to ensure that your diet is healthy is by "eating the rainbow!" By this I mean to make sure every meal is filled with fruits and/or vegetables of different colors.  This will ensure you are getting a variety of essential nutrients.  
2.  Drinks loft of water! 
Hydration is essential in keeping the skin clear and radiant!  A fun way to add more water to your life is by creating your own Fruit Infused Waters!  Also, one of the easiest ways to lose weight is to start drinking more water.  Fruit infused waters are natually low in calories and contain no artificial sweeteners (which can cause bloating and water retention) so they are absolutely fabulous if you don't like the taste of just plain water, plus you can drink as much as you want!  
My favorite fruit waters are Strawberry-Basil, Cucumber-Lemon, and Orange Mint!  Just simply slice the fruits and herbs, place in the water overnight, and then pour into a glass container or mason jar to take with your during the day!  
3.  Simple Skin Care 
A great way to brighten your skin is to do a weekly face mask!  These do not have to be expensive.  I have a wonderful Cucumber Lemon Face Mask that I make at home.  It is easy, inexpensive, and effective!  The acid in the lemon is a natural skin brightener, and the cucumber cools skin while reducing puffiness.  
Cucumber Lemon Mask
1/2 Cucumber
1/2 Lemon, peeled
1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil
1.  Pure Cucumber and lemon in blender
2.  Add the coconut oil to the blender.  Blend mixture on high until the container is slightly warm to the touch.  You want the cococnit oil to liquefy.  (Coconut oil is a solid at room temperature)
3.  Pour mixture into a container and chill in the refrigerator at least 30 minutes.
4.  Apple chilled mask to skin.  Leave on 10 minutes.  Place sliced cucumbers over your eyes to decrease dark circles! Rinse and apple moisturizer!   
4.  Drink Your Greens!  
Clear your mind and detox with a daily Green Cocktail!  Greens like Kale, Spinach, Watercress, or Swiss Chard are some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.  What a fantastic way to start your day! Don't be scared, a green drink can be sweet and ultra-satisfying!  Refined sugars and fats can create "brain fog."   There are a too many decisions to be made during wedding time for a cloudy mind!  Fresh greens and high cruciferous smoothies clear the mind and free your creativity!
Green Virgin Cocktail
- For those new to green smoothies, try this sweet green cocktail!  You'll be pleasantly surprised at how delicious it is!! It's a perfect balance of sweet and tangy.  Baby Spinach has such a mild flavor; all you will taste is fruit!  I have added ground flaxseed to this cocktail to keep your body satisfied throughout the morning.  Ground Flaxseed is the perfect healthy fat for our bodies because it has the most almost balanced ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 Fatty Acids.  For more delicious detox smoothies, visit my blog!
1 Banana
1 Orange
1 Apple
2 Big Handfuls Fresh Baby Spinach
1 Tablespoon Ground Flaxseed
1/2 Cup Apple Juice, unsweetened
1.  Place all ingredients in Vitamix or high powered blender.  Blend on high until smooth! Drink up!
5.  Drink Tea
Relax.  Breathe.  Take a bridal break at least one time a day.  One of the best ways to release tension is with hot tea.  Tea actually contains a calming amino acid called L-Theanine.  L-Theanine has been shown to dampen the adrenal production of the stress hormone cortisol.  Sipping on hot tea also strengthens the soothing levels of alpha waves in the brain.  This helps the mind to block out unnecessary chatter and induce a state of wakeful relaxation.  Try Chamomile Tea anytime of the day when you need a relaxing moment.  Chamomile is a beautiful, light, and floral, caffeine free tea that rarely needs sweetening and actually helps improve digestion.
Happy Health!  Thanks so much for sharing, Ashley!

Tuesday Tips::Bridal Beauty

Tuesday Tips are getting kicked off by Jessica Reed Parker of Reed My Lipstick!  Read on for her suggestions how ensure your wedding day styling is smooth and effortless from morning until go time!

::Be on time -  A stylist has your best interest at heart when he/she puts together a timeline.  They want to insure that your day runs as smooth as possible and you are as beautiful as possible, this means allowing adequate time for hair/makeup, getting dressed and making it to the church without delay.
::Have a trial-  Having a trial is so important.  It allows you and your stylist to work out any kinks and to make sure your expectations are met.
::Do any chemical treatments a week to 3 days before your wedding-  There is nothing worse than getting a bad color service the day before your wedding.  Make sure you give yourself enough "just in case" time.
::Your make-up should be darker than you normally wear it-  You by no means want to show up to your wedding looking like a drag queen, however, flash photography will cause your makeup to look lighter than it is.  I have had brides think their makeup looked too dark after the application but then thanked me when they got their pictures back and they looked stunning.  You want to be you just a little "enhanced".
::Don't arrive on your wedding day with freshly shampooed hair-  Fresh strands make for very difficult curls and updo's you need a little "traction" to give your style the all night staying power it needs.
::Book you hair stylist and makeup artist with a trial 4-6 months before your wedding date- Stylist's are in high demand especially for spring and summer weddings.  You want to give yourself enough time not only to have a stylist for your wedding day but also have a trial and make sure you have the right stylist.   You want your stylist to be on the same page as you when it comes to your hair and makeup.  No 2 stylists are alike so pick the one that works best for you.
::Bring any accessories to your trial appointment-  Bring your veil, headpieces, etc., to your appointment so you'll be able to get the full effect of what you will look like on your wedding day and to make sure any styles you have chosen fit with the accessories you have purchased.
::Bring photos of styles you like and photos of the front and back of your dress-  Stylists appreciate a 'blueprint" of the vision you have for yourself and the way you want to look on your wedding.  Bringing pictures of your dress will also give the stylist a good idea of the direction they should take with your hair and makeup.
::Purchase the lipcolor the makeup artist has chosen for you-  Chances are your lipstick won't last night between the kisses, the food and the drink so you'll want to reapply.
::Don't have unrealistic expectations-  For example, if  you have very fine or thin hair but want a super voluminous or thick updo it's more than likely not going to happen without added hair extensions.  If it's 100 degrees at your outdoor wedding your makeup probably won't be a picture of perfection at the end of a 10 hour day.  You need to take extra steps and pack a small bag to have with you at the reception to freshen up or ask your stylist to stay for touch ups.  Many stylists offer this option on their wedding menu.
reedmylipstick4 reedmylipstick2

Tuesday Tips

As a wedding professional it's interesting to be in a social setting and overhear an engaged couple chatting about their big day - they are so excited!  BUT, they are often simply unprepared for all that they now have on their already full plate.  It's easy to join the conversation face to face and hopefully give them a few suggestions to educate them on their planning journey...but then you think of all the brides who you can't reach - thats where Tuesday Tips comes in. We've got a great group of various wedding/event professionals and bloggers who are going to be part of Tuesday Tips.  Expect to hear advice and get insider information on everything from makeup to health tips to event design.

Stay tuned....we're kicking off with our first post in a few short hours!


Dazzling Blue

In 2000 it was Cerulean Blue, 2004 Iris Lily came out on top, 2009 Mimosa was the frontrunner, last year it was Emerald (my personal favorite)...and the Pantone color of the year for 2014 has just been announced as Dazzling Blue.This is definitely a color I can get behind with it's strong hue having the ability to be worn as a statement piece, or can easily be worn with pastels to help add a little depth to an outfit.  From a decor standpoint, the options are endless!  I cannot wait to see how brides pull this color into their florals, accessories (something blue!) and the details to their wedding design.

dazzling blue flowers pantone flowers pantone 2014 dazzling-blue

Pantone's top 10 colors for 2014 offer both strong and muted pieces, all of which compliment one another if used as accent pieces. 1 - Dazzling Blue 2 - Violet Tulip 3 - Radiant Orchid 4 - Celosia Orange 5 - Freesia 6 - Cayenne 7 - Placid Blue 8 - Paloma 9 - Sand 10 - Hemlock

Holly & Doug - The Wedding

I was so excited when Holly's mom, Cynthia, contacted me to help planning her daughter's wedding!  Holly and Doug's story was posted on the blog back in June, but much of their big day was based around their love of travel and pulling this common interest into the details of their reception.  So, I wanted to share these details with you!  They were married at the church Holly grew up in and the reception was held at Tillery Tradition (I love that place!)!  Doug's family and friends traveled in from Michigan and I guarantee you it was worth the trip - everyone had a blast!  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (don't miss Holly's swoon worthy dress!).

Thanks so much to all the vendors who made this day a huge succcess!

Photographer:  Grain & Compass

Venue:  Tillery Tradition Country Club

Florist:  Springvine Design

DJ:  Audio to Go

Catering:  Off the Square

Photobooth:  Shutterbooth

Holly & Doug

It's been a busy few weeks here at SSE...Lauren and Adam's wedding went off without a hitch last weekend!  The following day I heard from Holly's mom, Cynthia.  We met previously at a bridal show, but after seeing how relaxed and how much fun Lauren's parents got to have at their daughter's wedding she realized she was ready to pass on the leadership role.  And so SSE has been brought on to plan Holly and Doug's July wedding! So, I have not actually met Holly or Doug in person yet but they have a really great story.  Holly works at the National Museum of Natural History in the paleobiology department digitizing marine mammal fossils (I know, I know - what a cool job!!) and Doug is living in Holly's hometown of Wadesboro, teaching at the high school she attended.  The two met when Doug moved to the area and over time their relationship began...the ironic part, Doug is from Michigan and came to NC for work, after the two had been dating for a while Holly was accepted to The University of Michigan - and so began their long distance relationship!  Thanks to all the traveling the two have done the theme is "Holly and Doug's Big Adventure", pulling in colors and details from the map, as well as a menu of food from different cultures.  I really get the coolest couples!  So excited to see all the details come together!

Thank you so much Grain & Compass for sharing Holly and Doug's E Session!

Amanda & Aaron

I'm so excited I get to share a sneak peak of Amanda & Aaron's wedding at Morning Glory Farms.  It decided to start raining about an hour and a half before the ceremony, so the rain plan was executed!  Even though we had to go with Plan B, everything was beautiful and could not have run more smoothly.  Enjoy! Thanks Dana Arndt Photography for sharing these images!

Kristin & Joel

I love when I get to blog about my weddings!  This specific wedding meant a lot to me as Kristin (the gorg bride) is one of my oldest friends.  In addition to our friendship, she and Joel (groom) have been together since high school - we're talking 10+ years together before getting married.  I've watched them grow individually, as well as together as a couple, facing some difficulties most of us are lucky enough to never go through...so getting to be there for them (finally) tying the knot was so much fun to be a part of!  Sorry if I overload on the pictures, having such a hard time choosing!  Thanks so much Sassyfras Studios for sharing these photos!

Ah.  Such great shots of the First Look!  Don't count these out so fast brides....you still get to see each other for the first time and get a minute to really talk to each other!  : )  Kristin and Joel definitely had a perfect day for their September wedding.

Your John Hancock Please

Normally I try to keep my posts fun and pretty lighthearted, but I've noticed a recurring pattern over the past few months that I thought could be helpful to other brides if addressed.  Contracts.  I understand how the unexpected can happen, goodness I've seen more of it over the past 3 months than I have since I've been in this industry...but we have to expect the unexpected. Not everyone has a wedding planner, and if you do they aren't always present for every contract that you sign.  Please, please be aware of everything you talk about during meetings.  Anything that is or seems important, any possible changes to staff, venue, etc., any promises for something to be borrowed, anything that you expect from that vendor that is not already written on the contract MUST be noted on said contract.  This will protect everyone - the client, vendor, and any third parties involved.

Never feel bad to ask for something in writing.  It is your big day after all, you deserve to have it match your expectations!  :)

Had to include a sneak peek of Kristin & Joel's big day {Sassyfras Studios}

Say Yes to the Dress

So you're engaged, you've got the venue, and making progress checking off one task after the other....then comes the excitement of the dress! When shopping for your dress you need to be prepared.  First of all, make sure you've set a date and have a venue.  If you haven't set the date there is no way to guarantee it will be shipped and altered in time (unless you buy off the rack).  The venue you chose will really play a part in what type of dress you are looking for.  This always makes me think of Carrie and her vintage white dress suit vs the Vivienne Westwood in the Sex and the City movie.  Both dresses are gorgeous, but its a great example of needing your dress to "suit" your venue!










Do your homework!  Come into the bridal boutique prepared, if you know the difference between silhouettes, materials, textures, and a know a few designers names you will have a leg up.  This will make finding a dress for you less challenging for your consultant at the boutique.  Start checking out websites like lover.ly to begin viewing dresses.

Do not, I repeat, do not worry about what size the dress is.  Wedding gowns tend to run smaller than your day to day clothes.  By all means, don't buy with the intention of losing weight.  The last thing you want to be thinking about on your big day is whether or not your dress will zip.  It is so much easier to take a dress in than let it out!  Concentrate on how it fits, not the size.

Ladies, always make an appointment at your bridal boutiques.  This will ensure that you get one on one attention, and that you don't waste your day jumping from boutique from boutique.  Give each shop the time and attention it deserves!  : )

Last but certainly not least, be selective about who goes on your big shopping day with you.  Have you ever watched an episode of "Say Yes to the Dress" and they had the entire bridal party, parents, siblings, etc.?  When you have that many opinions it will be very difficult to find a dress everyone agrees on, not to mention the one you love.  To make sure your voice is heard, and you get the dress of your dreams...always bring your mom (or whoever will be paying for your dress), maid of honor or another close friend/sister who knows your style and who's judgement you trust.  Having 2-3 people with you to voice their thoughts should definitely give you good feedback!

Now start checking out dresses, make some appointments, and have funnnnn!


A few Southern Savvy brides in their perfect dresses!

2013 Color of the Year...Emerald Green!

If you follow Southern Savvy on facebook then you may have seen the post shared last week about 2013's color of the year.  Well, being that Green is my favorite color (Emerald is one of my favorite hues) I wanted to just put an inspiration board together for that beautiful color.  I really love how much depth it has.  I added a navy and white aspect to the board also, these colors just seem to compliment one another well.  Enjoy!



Let's face it.  Being able to give a good toast is an art form (in my opinion).  I have personally and professionally seen many a toast drag on for 15 minutes only because the toaster couldn't appropriately articulate themselves, or simply wasn't very prepared.  Don't let me sound like a negative nelly about toasts....when they are good, they are GOOD!  I love it when it includes just enough sentiment and humor, the key is to not embarrass or divulge anything too private. I have created a method to giving a well rounded toast...this is certainly not the only way to do it, but I find that it gives a good outline.

Open with a nice story about which member of the couple you're closest to (how you know them, how they've affected your life, something along those lines).  Offer an insight to their personality, this is a good time to include a funny story.  From there you want to bring in their new husband and wife.  Things that you really like about that person...and the kicker is how they make one another better.  Close with a humorous story about the two of them and your wishes for their future.  Raise your glass!

Pretty basic outline...don't be afraid to change it up a bit, thats just a safe route to go.  Also, try to limit your wedding toasts to about 2 people (Maid of Honor & Best Man).  If you're lucky enough to have multiple people who want to toast I would suggest spacing them out during the rehearsal dinner.