Welcome to Southern Savvy



Welcome to Southern Savvy Events


Southern Savvy Events is a trusted Wedding Planning & Event Design firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Southern Savvy boasts first class service tailored to the heart of their clients, while designing and executing festivities that will long be remembered. 

Clients can rest assured when placing an event in Southern Savvy's experienced hands that they will be free to celebrate not only on the big day, but each day leading up to it. 

Travel is welcome!  Contact us to learn more about our destination wedding packages!


Experience? Over 10 years.


Style? Look no further. 

Creativity? Thrive on it. 

Professional? Nothing less. 

Skilled? Award Winning. 

Fun? Always!

- Lauren Pressley


Hey there!  I’m Lauren, lead designer and executive planner of Southern Savvy.  

What sets my planning and design style apart from others'?  I love my couples something fierce.  My favorite part of the design phase is getting to know them on a deeper level; their likes/dislikes, what makes them tick, their most memorable vacation, nicknames, least favorite color, you name it, I want to know about it.  From there I work my gained knowledge about them (you!), both as a couple and individually, into their wedding design - my goal is that guests notice details on wedding day and instantly recognize the connection to the bride and groom.  Detail and logistically oriented, with a calm demeanor, my initial response to putting out a fire? "Let's first take a deep breath and think this through".

I'm a Charlotte native and yes, a diehard Panther fan.  You will never see me wearing anything but Panther garb on a Sunday during football season (the best time of year, in my opinion).  My closet consists of primarily Anthropologie and Madewell, with a bit of J Crew and Patagonia mixed in for good measure.  My boyfriend, Ryan, and I are "those crazy dog people".  Blame it on foster failing, big hearts, or maybe just wanting to make sure there's never a dull moment (probably a combination of those), but we ended up with three dogs who stole our hearts - follow along with Southern Savvy on instagram, they frequently make cameos.  The Lowcountry of South Carolina is my personal slice of heaven and craft beer is an artform.  Nature is a driving force in my design style and when I'm not executing a wedding my weekends are usually spent outside embracing it - whether that be on a trail, by the ocean, on the patio of a brewery or just cruising on my bike, I love to be outdoors.

Browse my portfolio, or contact me to learn more about Southern Savvy Events, preferred wedding planner and event design consultant in Charlotte, NC and beyond!


Much love,

Lauren Pressley